Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cornelius Van Til

On the OPC homepage, Andrew Moody provides a brief overview of his reading of John Muether's excellent biography on Cornelius Van Til, along with several links to other resources on Van Til that are available on the OPC website.

The substance of the feature article includes the editorial Students and Controversies written by Van Til when he was the editor of the Chimes while a student at Calvin College. Van Til was disappointed with how his classmates responded to the controversial firing of Old Testament professor Ralph Janssen, for Barthian tendencies. Standing by sound Reformed doctrine, Van Til wrote:

Although his words were written some time ago, they are still extremely helpful and timely given the challenges Reformed seminaries and churches are facing from movements like the New Perspective on Paul, Federal Vision, the Emergent Church, and others. The challenges may be different, but a sound and resolved reformed stand is always needed.

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