Friday, February 6, 2009

Electronic Church

Just prior to coming to Grace OPC for my internship, I worked shortly for Ligonier Ministries answering phones. On more than one occasion per shift, I would speak to someone referring to R.C. Sproul as his or her "pastor." Now, to be clear, Ligonier's policy was to promote the local church, so we were trained to thank the person for support, but to encourage him or her to see Ligonier materials as supplementary and to encourage the individual to be a communicant member of a local congregation.

But this does raise an important question. With all the new forms of electronic media that provide access to Christian teaching, is the local church still important? Is it still necessary, or is it a leftover of a bygone age?

Others have answered this question better than I. In his article, "TV Church," (originally published in Modern Reformation, Vol. 2 No. 6) Robert Godfrey has written, "the purpose of this article is to maintain that all those supplements must remain subordinate to and supportive of the Christian's commitment to the local church." Read the whole article here to see how he develops this thesis...

[HT: R. Scott Clark]

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