Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Index to Kline's Kingdom Prologue Lectures

"RubeRad" over at the Confessional Outhouse has provided an excellent and invaluable resource for anyone who enjoys studying the scripture from a redemptive-historical perspective. For quite some time now Meredith Kline's lectures on Kingdom Prologue have been available by Amoskeag Presbyterian Church (OPC) at their website here. But what RubeRad has done is provide a detailed index of the lectures that include topics and times per lecture! I listened to these years ago and have often wanted to go back and listen to specific portions but would get frustrated in finding what I was looking for because I did not specify lecture and time in my notes. RubeRad has eliminated this problem.

These lectures are foundational for not only understanding the redemptive-historical and covenantal content, but for learning how to read the Bible as the Bible structures itself to be read. I will say, however, that these lectures are not for the faint of heart, and if you are new to Biblical Theology and in general, but Meredith Kline in particular, then you may want to start with Lee Iron's lectures on the same material, which I would call Kline for dummies.

Because the index is so long, I have decided to provide it in .pdf format here.

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