Friday, March 6, 2009

Sabbath - A Day to Pray and Play?

See what Darryl Hart and the Old Lifer's think about it here.


  1. i think [my husband] was one of the few sabbatarians at [seminary]. frankly i am not sure what to think of it since no one else was, and some seminarians would be smart alecky and claim that tom schreiner and other "world class scholars" (as they would claim them to be) are not sabbatarians, so of course i figure they would know, but then i read some of the puritan books stew has and i think they would be greatly disheartened if they saw how believers nowadays treat it. [my husband] doesn't make me agree with him (actually last week i went to walmart. he doesn't give me rules, don't do this on the sabbath, don't watch tv, etc...for that is where legalism comes in, but he does urge me to study the scriptures).

  2. My wife and I don't see things exactly the same either with regards to the details. But I think that the important issue lies in understanding what the Sabbath is, before trying to wrestle over the details. The Sabbath is simply a day to come out of the world and enjoy a foretaste of heaven. As such, then the day should reflect that heavenly rest. I would suggest that this means more than simply "not working." But a day for worship (public and private), fellowship, deeds of mercy and works of necessity. These are the priorities we try to maintain, although not perfectly.

    By "earthly" I don't mean sinful, just that we have six other days to live in this world and pursue earthly things. Going to the beach with the family is healthy and good and a blessing from God--but it is a blessing that is tied to original creation. The blessing of the Sabbath is tied to the "New Creation."

    The point of the article I reference in my blog is that the Sabbath should not be turned into a day about gratifying one's self-centered desires for relaxation and recreation (for that is earthly)--but is a day set totally aside for life with God and the covenant community (for that is heavenly).

    Keep wresting!

  3. You should write your own stuff a lot more. Your comment here is much clearer than the blog you referenced. And it's short and to the point. I'm a mother, I don't have time to read long, drawn out blog posts.