Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"To the Church Like Pergamum," Revelation 2.12-17

Here is the fourth sermon in my current sermon series on the letters to the seven churches in Revelation 2-3. Are you tired in your Christian walk? Do you feel rundown and weakened because of the burden to maintain your confession of Christ in a world and culture that is hostile to your faith? Then don't give up!

"Give up? I would never give up," you may be thinking. And I believe you that you would probably never outright denounce Christ; yet, when we are feeling the struggle that faith creates in this life, we can become tempted to implicitly do what we would never explicitly do. In our exhausted and wearied state, we can forget that life is only found by way of the cross. As a result, we can become tempted to think that we can lighten the struggle by mixing a little bit of the world with our faith--that we can compartmentalize our faith between the Sabbath and the rest of the week.

But as we see in this text, Christ's sword of judgment is directed towards persons who fall prey to that lie. We must remember who we are in Christ and resist the temptation to compromise ourselves with the world. Instead of looking for comfort in the world, find your comfort in the one who has overcome the world, who offers you heavenly manna to nourish you along the way and promises heavenly life and rest to those who maintain their faith in Christ.

I have been told that the audio did not record, but you can read the sermon here.

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