Sunday, March 15, 2009

"To the Church Like Smyrna" Revelation 2.8-11

Currently I am enrolled in the Ministerial Training Institute of the OPC in the Homiletics practicum and one of our assignments is to video record a sermon. I recorded my sermon from last night, which is my third sermon in my short series in Revelation.

So often today we are told that a faithful walk with Christ results in earthly blessings, and that the problems we face are the result of our being out of accord with God. However, that is a lie and is the opposite of the teaching of the gospel--and it is the opposite of the teaching of Revelation 2.8-11.

The faithful church is a persecuted church, and the persecuted church is a suffering church; but the suffering church is a triumphant church for she suffers and conquers in union with her Lord who maintained his witness unto death and was raised to life before her. The hope of the church is found in the person, work and promises of the risen and exalted Christ who is the first and the last, who died and came to life, and who awards the faithful with the crown of life. In Christ, there is nothing on earth or in heaven for us to fear.

Christ's story is our story. And as he conquered through humiliation, suffering and death that led to resurrection and glorification, we too, wage a warfare of humiliation, suffering and death that leads to our resurrection and glorification in Christ.


  1. You make me proud. Keep posting and I'll keep listening and reading.

  2. Great job! I enjoy your blog! Did you think in high school that this would be your career path, LOL? I would love to read how you got there sometime. Have you blogged about that already?

  3. David,
    I very much enjoyed your sermon. I'm so proud of you. You felt a calling and followed it and it suits you well. I look forward to listening to future sermons should you post them.
    Keeping the Faith,