Thursday, July 30, 2009

Churchless Christianity?

In light of my previous post, I thought I would promote a good book that helps to provide a positive account of Reformed theology's understanding of the Church as an institution. From the same guys who have written Why We are not Emergent(check out the book's blog here), Kevin DeYoung and Ted Kluck, comes another easy to read, yet, substantive book that is intended toward younger Christians who are tempted to give up on Church. The authors note that there is a contemporary trend toward Churchless Christianity, and their hope and purpose for the book is to encourage Christians not to give up on the Church. They write to the committed, the disgruntled, the waffling, and the disconnected.

DeYoung and Kluck demographically fit into the current trend of young Christians who are either trying to recast the church (the Emergent movement) or give up on the Church (Churchless Christianity). Their writing is a great mixture of more theological and historical information (DeYoung) and wise and existential perspective (Kluck), "with Ted you’ll get a wise, culturally savvy, yet orthodox, manon-the-street, personal side of things. Read my chapters to get the historical, theological, and pastoral reasons why we love the church."

The book is intelligent, yet easy to understand. It is substantive, yet fun and enjoyable. As DeYoung says, "come for the logic, stay for the laughs."

You can read both author's introductions here, as well as download a free study guide. You can also watch the clip below.

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