Friday, August 28, 2009

Praying the Bible

As important and fundamental as prayer is for the Christian life, many struggle in the prayers, and quite often, it is because they do not know how to pray. There is no better place to go to help us in our prayers than the Bible. In a previous post, I noted:
There are great and amazing promises that God extends to us in his word, we would do well to do the work of unearthing them and making his word our words to him, for he knows what we need more than we ourselves, and he promises to hear us and answer us when we pray according to his will. So don't just read the scriptures--pray them.
But many of you might say, "But the Bible is so big; how am I supposed to assimilate it and digest it all in order to be able to pray it?". Well, I came across a great little resource today that will help you do just that. This website has edited an online version of Matthew Henry's helpful book Method for Prayer. Pray the Bible: Promoting, encouraging, and assisting biblical prayer is a free online resource to help you pray the Bible.

The presentation is easy to follow and there is a helpful sidebar that provides links to individual chapters. One of the things I like about the book is the combination of theology and practice. Henry provides helpful instruction about the different aspects of prayer, but then also includes copious scripture passages to help one pray. In the online version, one can scroll over the scripture passage to have a pop up box appear that is linked to the ESV online edition of the Bible. Also, one can sign up to receive daily emails for helpful insights for prayer.

If you struggle in prayer, or are just looking for a helpful resource, then use this website. I plan on using it myself quite a bit. You will notice that I have added it as a resource under "Reformed Piety and Practice" in the right hand pane.

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