Monday, September 28, 2009

Helpful Lectures on Gospel Driven Life

In an earlier post, I promoted Michael Horton's new book. So far I have read the first couple of chapters and have thoroughly enjoyed them. I especially appreciate the biblical-theological feel of how he is presenting the gospel as the drama of redemptive-history and his emphasis upon us finding ourselves as players in that drama united to the main protagonist:
Yet God descends to give us a new script: a rich plot in which our original character dies and is raised with the lead character. Instead of trying to find a supporting role for God in our play, God writes us into his script as part of a growing cast for his new world. . . . through this gospel the Spirit sweeps us into the drama, into the new creation that has already been inaugurated. No longer "in Adam," under the reign of sin and death, we are "in Christ," (12).
If you are interested in finding out more about the book, or the concept of living the "Gospel Driven Life" but not yet ready to buy it, you can listen to these lectures that Horton did at the Spring Theology Conference for the Reformation Society of Oregon:
If you haven't gotten the book yet, you can still get it at the discounted price here.

[HT: James Grant; Monergism]

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