Friday, September 4, 2009

"Meet the Puritans"

J.I. Packer once referred to them as the red woods of the faith; if you like the Puritans and are looking for a good online resource, then check out this new blog.
The purpose of this website is to promote the seventeenth century English Puritans. We intend to do this by means of original research, theological and devotional commentary upon the writings of the Puritans, reviews of books about the Puritans, recommendations of books about the Puritans, and by providing Recommended Reading of helpful materials in your study of the Puritans.
There are quick reference options along the top for Westminster Assembly, John Owen, Thomas Goodwin, Thomas Manton and Book Reviews. They have also included a Recommended Reading List and an essay by Joel Beeke of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, "Why You Should Read the Puritans."

If you haven't already, you ought to go and Meet the Puritans.

[HT: James Grant]

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