Thursday, October 29, 2009

Amillennialism 101 *Updated*

I originally posted this back on October 17. Well I just saw over at, "With the generous permission of Dr. Kim Riddlebarger, Monergism is giving away for free this incredible CD of his lectures and sermons. This mp3 CD includes Riddlebarger's 16-part lecture series on Amillennialism 101 as well as his 32-part sermon series on the book of Revelation. This CD will be mailed directly and we only ask that you cover the cost of shipping." Check it out.

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A friend of mine just finished this book by Kim Riddlebarger, which makes a really good case for the Amillennial understanding of eschatology. If you have watched the video I posted of "An Evening of Eschatology" the Amillennial position was not communicated very well (in my opinion--I think part of that had to do with the forum--round table discussions are not great for really digging in to a subject).

In light of Lisa's reminder of the book and the recent interest in eschatology, I thought I would make you aware of some helpful audio lectures by Kim Riddlebarger on the topic titled "Amillennialism 101." The lectures are available in both MP3 and Streaming formats at The Riddleblog and his church's website (Christ Reformed Church). I am also going to post them here for easy access.

Amillennialism 101 -- Audio Resources

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