Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Church Visions and Purpose Statements

I am not a fan of how churches have adopted the business practice of developing "Visions" and "Purpose Statements." However, if you are going to have a "Vision" for your church, let it be like this one. In a post from today over at Letters from Mississippi, the pastor David Strain shares an address from this past Lord's Day when the Session had decided to hold a special meeting after morning worship to explain the Session's plan for the future and development of the congregation.

Strain's address can be summed up by quoting one line of it:
Perhaps the best, most graphic, clearest way for me to share the vision of Main Street Presbyterian Church with you, is to point you to the Bread and the Wine of the Lord’s Supper.
In describing the "Vision" that the Session has for the spiritual growth and nourishment of the congregation, the emphasis lands squarely on the faithful administration of the outward and ordinary means of grace.

If believing hearts find Christ in the preached word, the sacraments of baptism and communion and prayer, why would a church do anything else?

Why wouldn't a church partake of them every week?

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