Tuesday, November 24, 2009

2009 Reformation Sunday Sermons

Last month I had the privilege to fill the pulpit for Covenant OPC in New Bern, NC on Reformation Sunday. So for my two sermons I chose to look at the two foundational principles of the Reformation: the formal principle and the material principle. The formal principle of the Reformation, or sola scriptura, teaches that the scripture alone is the sole authority for the faith and practice of the church, while the material principle, or sola fide, teaches that the justification of a sinner before a holy God is received by faith alone.

These principles are not extra biblical ideas that have been used for understanding the Bible, rather they come from the Bible itself. And one place where you see these two principles working hand in hand is in the first chapter of Leviticus.

For the morning service, I preached on Leviticus 1.1-3 & John 1.14-18 "Sola Scriptura: The Formal Principle of the Reformation." You can listen to it here.

For the evening service, I preached on Leviticus 1.1-9 & Romans 3.21-26 "Sola Fide: The Material Principle of the Reformation." You can listen to it here.

The main content of the sermons comes from sermons I preached last year while in Leviticus 1-7, but they have new arrangements to fit the special occasion.

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