Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Harmony of Events of "Holy Week"

For many Christians throughout the world, this week represents the "Holy" week on the church calender, since it is the week that covers the last week of Christ's earthly life.  It covers the events from Palm Sunday (the day Christ entered Jerusalem and was received by persons waving palm branches) to Easter Sunday (the day Christ rose from the dead).  I am not one who practices the "church calender" but I think during this time of year it is helpful to think about these events in Christ's life and ministry, for they present to us the climax of his ministry.

But what about the other events besides the ones that get the attention?  Though many are aware of the big events of the week, such as Jesus' entry into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday), the institution of the Lord's Supper (Maundy Thursday), his crucifixion (Good Friday) and resurrection (Easter), there were other things that happened.  So if you would like to read about those other events (all of which are important), then you can use this helpful guide based on a chart found in the ESV Study Bible.  (If you don't have one of these Bibles yet, then you really should consider getting one--it is chock full of great information and helpful charts like this one.  Also, when you buy it, you get access to all that information online).

   Day                        Event                                                  Matthew         Mark           Luke          John    
Sunday           Entry into Jerusalem                                  21:1-11           11:1-10        19:28-44     12:12-18
                         Greeks seek Jesus                                                                                                     12:20-36
                         Jesus weeps for Jerusalem                                                                  19:41
                         Jesus enters temple                                                          11:11
                         Jesus returns to Bethany                         21:17              11:11  

Monday          Jesus curses the fig tree                           21:18-19         11:12-14     
                         Jesus clears the temple                             21:12-13         11:15-17      19:45-46
                         Returns to Bethany with Disciples                                 11:19

Tuesday         Disciples see withered fig tree                 21:20-22         11:20-21
                         Temple controversies in Jerusalem         21:23-23:39    11:27-12:24   20:1-21:4
                         Olivet Discourse on return to Bethany  24:1-25:46      13:1-37          21:5-36

Wednesday    Jesus teaches in temple                                                                          21:37-38
                          Sanhedrin plots to kill Jesus                    26:3-5           14:1-2              22:1-2

Wed/Thurs     Preparations for Passover                       26:17-19        14:12-16           22:7-13

Thursday        Passover meal/Lord's Supper                  26:20-35        14:17-26          22:14-30
                         Upper Room Discourse                                                                                            13:1-17:26
                         Jesus prays in Gethsemane                      26:36-46        14:32-42         22:39-46

Friday              Betrayal and arrest (after midnight?)    26:47-56        14:43-52         22:47-53    18:2-12
                         Jewish Trial:
                         -- before Annas                                                                                                          18:13-24
                         -- Caiaphas and part of Sanhedrin          26:57-75         14:53-72        22:54-65     18:19-24
                         -- before full Sanhedrin                             27:1-2              15:1              22:66-71
                         Roman Trials:
                         -- before Pilate                                            27:2-14            15:2-5          23:1-5
                         -- before Herod                                                                                       23:6-12
                         -- before Pilate                                            27:15-26          15:6-15        23:13-25     18:28-19:16
                         Crucifixion (approx 9am to 3pm)           27:27-54          15:16-39      23:26-49     19:16-37
                         Burial (evening)                                        27:57-61           15:42-47      23:50-54     19:38-42                  
Sunday           Empty tomb witnesses                             28:1-8               16:1-8          24:1-12
                         Resurrection appearances                       28:9-20                                 24:13-53     20:1-21:25


  1. I love the new look of the blog, and very much appreciate the work you put into the posts. I realize folks don't comment much, but I would propose that I am not the only one who benefits from your public thoughts.

  2. Thanks Jason! I like the new look too. Blogger makes things so easy, even I can do it! I hope your preparations for this Lord's Day are going well.