Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sacramental Presence and Never-Failing Enjoyment of God

Commenting on Hosea, Geerhardus Vos writes:
Jehovah strengthened Israel’s arms and taught her to walk [7.15]; although the Giver of all nature-blessings, of corn, wine, oil, silver, gold, wool, flax, Jehovah is distinguished from the Baals, in that He has something more and finer to given than these:  loving-kindness, mercy and faithfulness [2.19]; in reality He gives, in and through all these things, Himself after a sacramental fashion [2.23]; He is personally present in all His favours, and in them surrenders Himself to His people for never-failing enjoyment.  Biblical Theology, Old And New Testaments, 261. 

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