Monday, May 3, 2010

Presbyterian Parochialism?

What do you get when you combine the localism of Wendell Berry with the concern for the true care of souls of Martin Bucer?  You get the 19th century Presbyterian Thomas Chalmers who advocated a Reformed and Presbyterian parish ministry.  Michael Ives has put together a blog based on the parish ministry focus of Chalmers called West Port Experiment, which is named after the efforts of Chalmers in the late 1840s who, after leaving the endowments of the establishment in the Disruption of 1843, implemented a parish model of church extension and paternalistic philanthropy in one of the worst slums of industrialized Edinburgh. 

For a great little paper introducing Chalmers' parish evangelism, see Ives' paper "Parish Evangelism: Rediscovering Focus in Evangelistic & Pastoral Effort."

[HT: James Grant]

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