Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Superb Summary of the Problems and Concerns Surrounding the PCA Strategic Plan

Wes White has provided a great distillation of the many and various problems and concerns with the PCA Strategic Plan in his blog post today "Why We Should Vote Down the Strategic Plan."  This is the best summary I have seen so far with very clear analysis.  Wes sums up his position at the beginning of the post when he says,
In my opinion, this is a very poor lan, with very poor analysis, and with a whole bunch of bad ideas that will take the PCA in the wrong direction.  It enshrines the agenda of the progressives in the PCA as the agenda of the PCA.
In his post, Wes provides six basic reasons for why the SP should be voted down, many of which agree with some of what I have posted on this blog(here, here, here, here, here, and here):
  1. The SP's analysis is flawed
  2. It further centralizes power in the PCA
  3. It is filled with bad ideas
  4. It is filled with useless ideas
  5. It is contrary to the constitution of the PCA
  6. The defenses of it are weak at best
In addition to this summary of his disagreement with the SP, he has also posted a helpful summary explanation of the SP and a fairly exhaustive list of internet commentary on the SP with all sides represented.

If you still have questions about the SP, you would do well to read Wes' posts and take advantage of the resources he has assembled.

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