Monday, July 12, 2010

The Presbyterian Guardian Now Available Online

The Presbyterian Guardian (1935-1979) was an important voice in the early years of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in its vigorous opposition to modernism and its proclamation and defense of Reformed orthodoxy. Established on the eve of the founding of the denomination, it was closely associated with the OPC, although it remained an independent magazine.

This magazine is a treasure trove of solid, confessionally Reformed, biblical insights written by churchmen who loved Christ and his Bride.  And now, it can be easily accessed for your enjoyment.  The Presbyterian Guardian is now available on the OPC's website with all 611 issues available to be downloaded.  You can access any one of the issues individually, but the entire collection is also available as one PDF Archive (about 990 MB), which can be downloaded onto one's computer so one can access and search it.


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