Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Shakin' Things Up Some More: Pilgrims & Pastors Is Moving!!

Earlier in the year when I changed the name of the blog, I said, "For now the url will remain what it is, but that will be changing in the near future, so stay tuned!"  Well, it's taken longer than I thought, but it's time.  And not only is there a url change, there is also a change in blog service.  Although there are many features that I enjoy about the blogger service, I have decided to utilize wordpress.com instead.  So, with that, the new url is:
Everything has been moved over, but I will also leave this site up as well.  There is still much work to do in getting the new Pilgrims & Pastors finished, but enough has been done to go ahead and announce the move.  So if you want to continue to stay up to date, you will need to change your subscription to the new blog, which you can do when you visit it and check it out.

So come check it out!